How it Works:- The 4 Steps in the Process

Develop a greater Awarenessof the Self-Inflicted Problems & Circumstantial Issues facing Western Society today to determine those of particular interest to you.

Experience the Awakeningfor how you can contribute towards solving these problems and issues in your own life and/or in the life of others.

The Activation of those awakenings is where you begin the self-transformation of Yourself to live a good life.  Turning words into action!

By monitoring the progress of your self-transformation, you take on Accountability for your own life and for the society & world you live in.

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Background Readings
Self-Inflicted Problems
Circumstantial Social Issues
Examples in taking the 2nd Step:- 
Self-Inflicted Problems
  • Information Technology
  • Obesity & Type-2 Diabetes
Social Issues
  • Unemployment
Examples of taking the 3rd Step:-
Self-Inflicted Problems
  • Information Technology (IT) – Self-Help
  • Obesity & Type-2 Diabetes – Need-Help
Social Issues
  • Unemployment – Help-Others
Social Initiatives
  • Refugee – Volunteer
  • CleanUp Australia Day – Organiser
Examples of how you might be tracking with your initiatives of interest:- 
Self-Inflicted Problems
  • Information Technology (IT) – Self-Help – still trying
  • Obesity & Type-2 Diabetes – Need-Help – lost 12 kilos 
Social Issues
  • Unemployment – Help-Others – found work for 3 people
Social Initiatives
  • Refugee – Volunteer – still being trained
  • CleanUp Australia Day – Organiser – attended last time and enjoyed it

“What’s in it for me?”

Before asking the “What’s in it for me?” question, please read some of the Background Readings “Awareness” material listed above and simply let it appeal to your altruistic side. You will realise you are a member of a unique species that relies on tolerance, cooperation and acts of goodwill for its survival. We act altruistically not for what benefits us personally but because that’s who we are. Yet most popular social network utilities (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, U-Tube, etc.) are platforms for narcissism and self-promotion. The Yourself Helper platform seeks to provide you with the means to achieve more balance in your life. Western society has become too preoccupied with materialism; meaning we are defined by the objects we possess (including people) rather than who we are as an individual, a community, a society. To yield to a world of self-indulgence as a way of life, creates a whole range of problems (like obesity, drug and alcohol addiction, inequalities, corruption) that become almost impossible to solve operating from within such a philosophy.

To address this imbalance, you are invited to participate in the “Yourself Helper” social network empowerment platform. It’s designed to support ordinary people, like yourself, live a good life in being the best you can be right now; engaging in a life lived for others and making a contribution to the common good.

After gaining an Awareness of many well-known social problems which are destroying western society today, you are encouraged to reflect upon “Who are we?” and consider how you can contribute towards solving these problems. Similarly, you are invited to identify with further local opportunities for social engagement with others in your community to bringing out more of the altruistic side in people you know and have got to know; helping individuals in need and simply feeling you belong to a community that cares. Because our human brains have unreliable memories and become entrenched in our sub-conscious mindset, you are prompted to maintain a journal of your personal life experiences, emotions, decisions and discoveries.  In doing so, you become more mindful of any personal awakenings and are better able to recall them during your every-day life experiences and when it really counts. You will know when you have expressed your authentic position on a particular issue from your response “Yes, that’s exactly how I really feel right now”. Some “Awakenings” will make you feel particularly joyful and pleased with what you have learned about yourself whereas others may stir emotions of surprise, discomfort or even sadness.

Are you ready to take a step to better “know yourself” authentically and become more mindful of yourself, of others and the world around you?  Most find life’s richest experiences spring from our personal relationships and connections with others. In essence by treating others the way you would like to be treated yourself, over time you will experience a shift towards activities that promote social inclusion and community development; like volunteering, belonging to social communities, seeing opportunities for goodness everywhere. You will be on a journey that binds us together to create a society that we are proud to live in and to pass onto our future generations.

After reading the material on each social problem and issue supplied in the “Awareness” material, and after considering the”Awakening” it stirs within, the third “Activation”step encourages you to extract the ultimate value from such reflections by recording this in your own personal journal of experiences, emotions (happiness … depression, etc.), actions, decisions and discoveries about Yourself.   By tracking each thought, experience and feeling you have, over time this becomes an invaluable asset for broader reflection into shifting your life style towards who you really aspire to be.  The authentic self within you.  You will also note that it reduces stress, stimulates self-meditation and helps keep your emotions in check in an organised fashion.  You can either copy your read onto your Laptop/IPad and use this to develop a large repository of your journal entries and/or respond intuitively by enter into mobile apps (like Realifex – off iTune) to catalogue your daily reflections there.

As part of the “Activation” of your personal journal you begin by making better informed decisions in turning reflections into further actions of “good works”; tracking your progress in both your personal improvement through helping yourself and in helping others.   As you reflect upon each social problem, issue and initiative seeking your help, you will begin making decisions that adapt your own life for the better and develop unique strengths that can be applied in helping others seeking to improve their life as well.

The final “Accountability” step is where you track your life and experiences through increased reflection and become more accountable for your own life, the life of others and the environment within which we all live.  In summary, be accountable and proud of the future we pass on to our next generation.

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