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Reaching out to help others and seeking help yourself define who we are as an individual, a community, a society in living a good life and being the best we can be right now.

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Needing Help

Seeking Self-Help

Interested in Volunteering for authenticated Initiatives designed to help others? Need help yourself with a specific problem/issue you have or are needing other volunteers to help you with, like an Initiative you have devised to help others or a specific person in need? Seeking to optimise the extent of self-help you can take on by applying helpful material available on well known social problems and circumstantial issues Yourself?

This free website is designed to bring out the altruistic side in ordinary people; people like yourself seeking to lead a good life by:-

  • doing “good works”, volunteering to help others with your ability and time
  • identifying social and community projects that interest you and where volunteer assistance is required
  • interacting with others able to help you with some of your own everyday problems
  • becoming involved in contributing to the solution to some of the big hard problems facing western society; problems even government cannot solve
  • being empowered yourself, to maximise the extent of self-help you are able to bring to bear, taking on advice from other authenticated specialists on a range of known social problems
  • communicating innovative ideas for helping others and gaining support to activate ideas you have
  • starting local community initiatives for the common good and especially for those most in need
  • simply knowing yourself authentically and the person you really wish to be right now
  • being an advocate of your own life

….then you have come to the right place. Great!

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