Water Pollution

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Our Water Pollution

So how are we fairing with our other most precious commodity – the water that sustains all life on earth. Our Water Pollution is the contribution mankind makes towards this most precious our all elements in our universe without which we would not exist nor any other living thing (plants, animal, bird or insect). 

On the global scene, life on Earth originated in our oceans and they continue to be our primary support infrastructure for our life existence today. Let us now take more of a global checkpoint on how well super-intelligent mankind is progressing with our custodial role of maintaining this precious life supporting entity. Later we will examine how well we are progressing with the other three vital elements to our survival as a species – our air, land and finally ourselves.

Our oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface, with 75% of life on Earth existing within our Oceans. Around 10% of this life exists off our coastal perimeters.

Unfortunately, over the last 50 years or so, mankind has begun to reverse this almost miraculous biological diversity of life. If we continue to take from our oceans at the current rate of commercial fishing, in the next 50 years the bulk of the fish in our oceans could be gone. Thanks to our miraculous intelligence, insatiable self-indulgence, greed and need for growth, we have embarked on a path of destruction for this intricate environment of life to an extent that will ultimately contribute to our own demise. For the first time in the history of mankind, we are unlikely to pass better oceans and fresh water rivers across to our next generation because we are:-

  • Killing and eating too many fish to a point where many species are on the brink of extinction.
  • Catching fish indiscriminately using advanced techniques that are destroying the habitat of most edible species, with some large scale fisheries discarding up to 80-90% of their catch, not to mention the by-product of this insatiable extraction, our growth obesity brought about by over eating.
  • Polluting all our rivers and oceans with chemicals, waste and excessive nutrients at an unprecedented rate, beyond the rate at which these unique resources are naturally able to recover.
  • Contributing to climate change that is causing the temperature of our oceans to rise, our ocean levels to rise and damaging our coral reefs and causing diseases to our marine life.

Our oceans and seas support the essential processes to our life on Earth, such as the nitrogen and carbon cycles creating the majority of oxygen that human’s breath. We need to reverse these trends before it is too late. Rather than deal with the seriousness of our self-created path to obscurity, most prefer to again bury their heads in the sand and find other ways to pre-occupy their minds with trivial activities specifically designed for more instant gratification and self-pleasure (computer games, TV, mobile texting, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, gambling, etc.).

Scientists have determined that when our modern washing machines clean synthetic clothing, micro-fibres are realised with the grey water that enters our natural waterways. Once in our water systems they not only accumulate and become one of the greatest pollutants to our natural water supplies but they also take decades to break down.  

The good news is that it is not yet too late. There are a few human initiatives that are trending in the right direction, like fish farming, government and social environmental quality improvement programs to protect marine areas, restrictions on fishing volumes, fines for pollution, etc. But whether we can summons the social and political will and moral courage to restore the damage already done to our oceans, seas and fresh water rivers to bring them to a reasonable health before it is too late, is questionable. Our Framework for Life aims to provide a platforms for individuals who care about their quality of life on Earth and that of their children and community. To find ways to obtain a better balance for innovative thinking, inventiveness of new technology and our personal energies to target these bigger problems in our life today rather than devote the majority of IT innovation brain power on gimmickries and indulgencies, specifically designed to take our minds off such vexing matters.

Some more fact-based analysis on our growth in food extraction & consumption required……………

The question arising is “How can an ordinary person like Yourself make a worth while sustainable contribution to stop/reduce the pollution of our precious fresh waters and the oceans which feed us ?”   The answer(s) to this key question is needing to be provided by Subject Matter Experts (SME) is this field.  

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