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Awareness Introduction

In considering to take-up the opportunity to embark upon a journey of “Self Transformation”, it is important that users of the “Yourself Helper” website have a common appreciation for the two (2) broad forms of strategic challenges facing society today:-

  1. Social Problems that are Self-Inflicted (like addictions, obesity, etc.) and thereby self-preventable, self-controllable and self-solvable.    Ordinary people with such problems usually need some form of additional support to supplement their own “self-help”; like requesting help from others willing and able to support those inflicted with such problems. 
  2. Circumstantial Issues are mostly as a result of a person’s situation (like genetics, location, socio-economic environment etc.).   Predicaments such as these are usually outside of their control. Ordinary people, with such issues (like poverty, homelessness, mental illness, unemployment refugees, etc.)  are most often in need of some help from others better placed, willing and capable of helping them.

People with self-inflicted problems and circumstantial issues abound across the width and breadth of western society.  These opportunities for help are not going to go away soon, so can readily be identified as needing forms of general solutions.  In other words we do not need to look far for opportunities where help is needed. Each type of problem and issue at some point will face each and everyone of us in some form or other.  It is also likely that some additional help will be needed for them to be solved, above and beyond “self-help”.  

But by starting a journey of transformation with “self-help” assists in growing an individual’s resolve to correct/rectify the particular problems/issues that restrict them from being the best they can be right now.  Self-help also serves to demonstrate to self the extent of one’s commitment to such a quest.  Self-help involves gaining access to reliable authenticated information, knowledge and services, targeting  a person’s identified problem/issue. Knowledge gained through education, learning experiences, seeking additional support from specialists and engagement with suitable volunteers.  As no-one is perfect, every person wishing to lead a good life will relate to each problems/issue in one of two ways:-

  1. This isn’t a problem/issue in my life right now, so I could be a candidate for helping others that do have this problem/issue
  2. This is a problem/issue in my life right now,  so I choose to rectify this through both self-help available and, where necessary, seeking additional help from specialist and/or volunteers capable and able to help me

Opting to “Volunteer” to help others with a specific social problem or circumstantial issue, infers you don’t have this problem/issue now but are interested in helping others that do.  A good volunteer is a person who acts with compassion and mercy towards others – even those who they may not necessarily like.  The story of the Good Samaritan is one of the best examples encouraging us to “go do likewise”.   The prime objective of this website is, therefore, to develop a bank of Volunteer to support those others in need of our help; by helping those with self-inflicted social problems and/or struggling with circumstantial issues beyond their control.  As all volunteers have good hearts, the vein of generosity is rich within us all, needing only to be tapped. 

Determining that you are a person “In need of help” with one or more specific problems/issues in your life, is the first and most critical decision anyone takes in undertaking a journey of life’s transformation.  The need to first maximise the extent of “self-help” you can bring to bear on your problem/issue (be it obesity, unemployment, etc.) is key, as discussed next.   In doing so, as a Yourself Helper user, you seek to be empowered with related information on what it is likely to take to resolve the matter Yourself, either in part or in full.  However, you are similarly encouraged to seek additional help from a volunteer/specialist who are capable and willing to support you on this journey as part of your determination to be the best you can be right now.  

“Self-help” is an essential pre-requisite for all parties involved in any life transformation journey, be it needing help or being able to help others.   Given you are interested in becoming a “volunteer” or identifying yourself as a person “in need of help”, you will be expected to become with relevant material held in the YSH Self-help repository.  Any volunteer is expected to appreciate the extent of self-help that is available from this website for a person in need of help with a particular aspect of their life.  Those in need of help, accept that self-help is a prerequisite to their commitment and determination to resolve their own particular social problems or circumstantial issues. Self-help is particularly important for those with self-inflicted problems, which are typically self-correctable.  And less so for those faced with circumstantial issues, where the cause is often outside of their control and therefore the solution more dependant upon external support (from volunteers or specialists).  

For this reason, the requirement to seek help (self-help and/or volunteer support) is more pronounced for those facing circumstantial issues than those seeking external help with self-inflicted problems.  In either case taking responsibility for who you are and who you want to be is far more important than simply defaulting to seek help from someone else.  The aim is to be totally responsible for your own life and eventually become an advocate of your own life.

Starting Life’s Journey of Transformation

We start our journey of a lifetime with a common appreciation for “life” itself.   The one common denominator for all our social problems and issues is that we are all faced with these sometime in our life.  No-one is perfect and life itself is not perfect.  In other words there is always room for improvement. In essence if you don’t have a specific problem/issue (like obesity or homelessness) in your life currently, then you could be a candidate for volunteering to help others that do.  This appreciation for your own life’s journey is key to understanding how the Yourself Helper (YSH) website can contribute towards solving many of the problems and issues. Being a common platform for self-help, volunteering and seeking help from others, YSH is designed to usher in a new Care Social Model that creates less dependancy upon expensive government services that are often not well placed to meet our growing demands.  Better to solve the problem yourself.   

As a new user of this platform it is probably more useful to initially follow the information content supplied sequentially (time permitting). Later as a more experienced user, selecting sections from the Table of Content above might better serve your specific areas of interest in “self-help”, volunteering to “help others” and seeking help from other volunteers.    

To commence this empowerment process, it’s fitting we all gain a consistent awareness (from science) as to where where our Earth originally came from, where life itself first began and where we humans fit within the rich fabric of life that surrounds the earth today.   To gain this appreciation for just how incredible it is that we even exist together on this beautiful earth of ours, it becomes important to put in perspective the part our own life plays in this on-going transformation journey of life.  

Click the “Our Precious Life” button below to read the “Awareness” material on this important subject.   Towards the end of your read, you will be invited to participate in the next step in this journey – the “Awakening” step on this subject.  This can be assist by by creating an entry in your own personal journal, based upon your own reflections on just how you feel right now about what you have just read. 

  Our Precious Life


Problems in Life

Life is not perfect, nor is life in western society.  Despite our incredible beginning and our unique brain, we face many serious problems and issues in life; problems that we struggle with as individuals.  Problems that elude solutions from government right across western societies, despite their best intentions.  In the “Awareness” reads that follow, you will identify with some of the patterns and commonalities to these social problems and issues, so that you become better better placed to explore some of the contributing factors as to why they have become so difficult for western society to solve thus far. You will realise not everything in your life has to change for everything to change. 

Click the “Our Problems in Life” button below to read the “Awareness” material on this important subject.  Towards the end of your read, you will be invited again to participate in your next “Awakening” step on this subject by again being encouraged to develop an entry in your personal journal on your reflections about how you feel right now about what you have just read about the commonalities associated with these big hard social problems.   As you accumulate a private journal of your own life experiences, emotions and thoughts, you will develop a personal asset that will aid in your making better informed decisions, reduce your stress and anxiety and find ways for personal improvement, supporting others in need of your help and generally being the best you can be right now.  

Our Problems in Life


What’s Your Problem

Current trends suggest we do not look out for each other as much as we used to.  This decline in western societies suggests that the two biggest categories of complaint are inextricably linked – our circumstantial & self-inflicted problems.  Our communities are not functioning as well as they used to and our shared values are not as clear nor strong as they once were.  The “Yourself Helper” innovation aims to reverse this trend, by empowering ordinary people like yourself to drive long term social reform by embracing this new Care Social Model. 

Within the context of our common understand for where we all came from and what common factors are contributing to our social problems, we set the scene for focusing upon some of society’s more critical big hard problems.  Many problems are not necessarily the fault of those people who bear the burden of social inequalities and natural inherited disadvantages; these we call circumstantial issues, such as :

  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Unemployment
  • Sickness
  • Refugees 
  • Disability
  • Mental illness
  • Social Injustice
  • Education, etc.

Ordinary people facing such circumstantial issues need our help: help from people who care about others and are prepared to help  – Volunteers

Other problems that are in the main self-inflicted, are potentially self-correctable and  self-preventable, social problems like: 

  • Obesity & Type-2 Diabetes
  • Health Management
  • Addiction (Drug, Alcohol, Smoking, Gambling, Sex)
  • Pollution (Air, Land, Water)
  • Equality (Wealth, Culture, Gender)
  • Corruption 
  • Energy Management, etc.

Ordinary people with such problems are encouraged to first maximise the extent of “self-help’ they can bring to bear on such self-inflicted problems; problems that are known to be self-corrected and self-managed.   Where required, such people are encouraged to seek additional help with their “self-help” initiatives from others (Volunteers, other ordinary people willing and able to help). 

Click the “Life’s Big Hard Problems” button below to read the “Awareness” material on these important subjects.  Towards the end of your read, you will be invited to participate in another “Awakening” step on each problem/issue subject, by developing your personal journal further, as you reflect upon just how you feel right now about what you have just read. 

Life’s Big Hard Problems


What is the Answer?

There is no quick fix to any of these big hard problems in life.   If there were they would have been solved a long time ago, given the serious effect they are having on western society today.   The bad news is that they are not going away anytime soon.   The good news is that the solution lies in the minds of mankind.   As is often the case, the answers come from available information being digested in a different way as it is converted to information held within each and every individual’s brain.   It probably comes as no surprise that the same information read/experienced by one person is interpreted differently by others as they store the information gleaned as knowledge in their own brain. So the secret lies in how we humans are able to digest information as more authenticated knowledge.   This why the information presented here is structured in a certain way to have it more consistently translated or interpreted as authenticated knowledge.   So this website makes no apologies for the verbose nature of the content readings presented to you and it’s intent to be thought provoking and hopefully non-manipulative.      

The “Yourself Helper” website innovation is designed to introduce greater balance in your life; like the amount of other (narcissistic) social network utilities that permeate your life, for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, U-Tube, etc.  In comparison, “Yourself Helper” is designed to appeal more to your altruistic side; in authentically caring about yourself, others and the common good across society.  In gaining this better balance you become better placed to associate the solution(s) to your own life problems with some of the bigger social problems that society is struggling to solve.  You will discover that if you commit to being the best you can be in the “right now”, this will not only begin to progressively solve your own problem but also contribute towards solving the bigger affiliated social problem; thereby pass  on a better world to our next generations.  

Part of the answer lies in having available a free, singular innovative IT platform (namely the “Yourself Helper” website) for use by ordinary people committed to solving both their own personal problems and issues but also contributing towards solving the bigger related social problems.  To do so you will be invited to:-

  • Identify with your real “authentic” self, through a mechanism to better “Know Yourself”.
  • Identify with your own self-needs and how, in the first instance, to find self-help from authenticated sources of wisdom and knowledge (provided as website content); all made available by authenticated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their respective field of need.
  • Identify where to seek help from authenticated Volunteers; ordinary people who are not only willing and able to provide the required level of support but who are most likely to have already mastered this problem in their own life.
  • Identify with your real self-worth, strengths and how their own capabilities are of value to society and their community, and where ordinary people like themselves seek their help
  • Identify with community initiatives where ordinary people can work together to both meet and make for a change in community attitudes and participate in the life of the community 
  • Facilitate greater collaboration with volunteer helpers and SMEs knowing where priority community needs exist
  • Drive innovation yourselves, from ideas and experiences derived from operating within a new Caring Social Model and thereby contribute to the vitality of the website content and services; all available for benefiting both the needy, volunteers and specialist alike
  • Invest a greater proportion of your time and energy in well targeted self-help and volunteer support activities.

Despite massive recent investment in IT innovation and spend on IT gadget & gimmickry, there is no single platform for ordinary people to know:-

  • What range of social needs exist for voluntary help?
  • What are your many strengths and weaknesses (from Knowing Your authentic Self better)?
  • Where you should turn to seek various forms of help with your identified personal gaps and weaknesses?
  • How can you offer help to the needy (by volunteering elements of your identified strengths)?
  • Where to share innovative ideas you have for helping others and how to activate their implementation?

“Yourself Helper” innovation seeks to redesign how ordinary people think and to empower them to use a different mindset in being able to solve not only their own social problems but some of the big hard problems facing western society as well.  Problems often where business has more interest in products and profit than caring for ordinary people.  Ordinary people need to make better informed decisions, based upon authenticated altruistic material and support.  So that rather than only taking into account the immediate benefits to self (what’s in it for me), this can be balanced against the more strategic consequences of decisions made by yourself and the community interest in the common good and in living a good life. 

Click the “Broken Democratic Processes” button below to read the “Awareness” material on how our Broken Democratic Processes might be contributing towards some of these problems, rather than solving them along the lines originally ordained within the founding democratic principles of the Magna Carter.  Towards the end of your read, you will be invited to participate in the first “Awakening” step on this subject by being invited to create an entry in your personal journal, as you reflect upon just how you feel right now about what you have just read. 

Broken Democratic Processes


Information Technology

Click the “Information Technology” button below to read the “Awareness” material on how IT is also contributing to these problems when it should be part of the solution.  Towards the end of your read, you will be invited to participate in yet again the first “Awakening” step by creating an entry in your personal journal, as you reflect upon just how you feel right now about what you have just read. 

Information Technology


The Solution?

Australia’s  greatest asset is unquestionably its people, the most generous, caring, multi-cultural people on the planet.  Ordinary  Australians’ preparedness to volunteer help for the needy in a crisis is unsurpassed.  As a highly respected and unique nation, ordinary Australians are at a cross-road in their social maturity and their nation’s future opportunities, just as our unique and beautiful country faces an uncertain future.  Today, ordinary people of Australia are disillusioned with politics, broken democratic processes and the level of corruption being reported (government, business, unions, lobby groups, etc.).  The vision is that these ordinary Australian people seek a new innovation platform to more effectively and regularly express this generosity of heart, this caring spirit, this love for Australia and they want to be proud in passing on a better life to our next generation.

Within this context a list of problem opportunities are discussed as part of a trial version of the “Yourself Helper” website; initially architected specifically for a small social demographic of ordinary people (like the Northern Beaches community).   Once established, it is intended that “Yourself Helper” be made available across further sympathetic community demographics to prove its ability to contribute towards addressing some of our local social problems and the creation of local opportunities for greater volunteer projects; projects specifically designed to help others in need and thereby strengthen community connections and our sense of belonging.  


Self-Inflicted Problems, like:-

Let’s start with a well known “self-inflicted” social problem where Australia has had notable success (Cigarette Smoking). From this well known example, you can begin to gain a better appreciation for what it takes to bring about a sufficient mindset shift to solve such a big hard social problems. This example is chosen because it’s one of the few big hard problems across western society where Australia has taken the lead in practically solving.   As with most solutions to strategic problems, a shift in ordinary people’s mindset has been required to deliver the required social benefits and cost savings from ordinary people no longer needing to acquire expensive cigarettes and to deal with their resultant health problems. From the commonalities able to be extracted from this success story, it is possible to discover how we might approach similar solutions to a whole range of other big hard problems.  Through the use of innovative social network utilities, such as “Yourself Helper”, the approach can be repeated and greatly reduced in terms of the time-frame, costs and energy usually required.

Click here for the good, the bad and the ugly on Smoking Addiction, as an entry point to considering other self-inflicted addictions.

Smoking Addiction

Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes (Healthier Life)

Click the “Obesity” button below to read the “Awareness” material on how our obesity epidemic is primarily a self-inflected problem that is both self-controllable and self-preventable and thereby able to be solved by yourself.  Towards the end of your read, you will be invited to participate in your first “Awakening” step on this subject by creating an entry in your personal journal, as you reflect upon just how you feel right now about what you have just read. 



Many people do not understand why or how other people become addicted to various substances (like drugs, eating disorders, alcohol, smoking) and habits (like gambling, pornography, technology – games, etc.).   It is often mistakenly assumed that those addicted lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop using addictive substances and engaging in addictive habits by choosing to change their behaviour. In reality, all are complex diseases, and quitting takes more than good intentions or a strong will.   In fact, because drugs change the brain in ways that foster compulsive drug abuse, quitting is difficult, even for those who are ready to do so.  Similarly those with addictive habits behave this way primarily because their brain operates quite differently.  Through scientific advances, we know more about how drugs and addictive habits work in/on the brain more so than ever before.  We also know that addictions can be successfully be treated and with help how ordinary people with an addiction can stop and lead normal productive lives.

Click here to read about other Addiction problems



Environmental Pollution

In the next series we examine the four (4) key resources on Earth impacting upon our survival as a species, ie Yourself:-

  • Population Growth (impacting the following 3 essentials to our on-going survival)
  • Air Pollution
  • Land Pollution
  • Water Pollution

Click here to read more about the impact our Population Growth is having on our Environmental Pollution 

Population Growth


Health Management

In this series we recognise that most of our big hard problems are problems of the mind.  We first consider mental health as an issue where mental illness is not the issue but the prevailing mindset across society and in our own mind.   An excellent example is shown of this imbalance when we compare our attitudes towards physical health with mental health.   We also examine problems with our current Hospital system, the great demands placed upon our GPs and related carers, etc. 

Click here to read more about our Health Management system 

Health Management



Equality has its own mindset problems where imbalances in social and individual mindsets are contributing to serious social problems across the globe:-

  • Wealth Distribution
  • Women Discrimination
  • Culture and Race Discrimination

Click here to read more about equality problems 




Corruption is deeply entrenched in the minds of the people in many countries. Even countries like Australia have been forced to establish a Royal Commission into Corruption which found all facets of society (business, unions, government, media, Church) were engaged in various forms of corruption. Corruption is again a social mental health problem where accepted social imbalances becomes entrenched in individual mindsets which destroy the fabric of acceptable social behaviour.

Click here to read more about Corruption 



Energy Management

Energy Management

Click here to read more about Energy Management 

Energy Management


Other Circumstantial Issues 

Below is a list of some of the most common circumstantial issues being faced by western society today.   These have become an enormous burden on the public purse to the point of support for them being unsustainable by Government .  With the emergence of a new Care Social Model where the “haves” share more of their advantage with the “have nots”.  The Yourself Helper platform exists to facilitate better balancing this inequality on an on-going basis.  Of the issues listed below the one selected for trialling across Northern Beaches (NB) is that supporting our recently announced Syrian Refugee intake of 400. 

  • Poor
  • Homeless
  • Unemployed
  • Sick
  • Elderly
  • Refugee 
  • Disabled
  • Mentally-Ill
  • Social Injustice
  • Education

Click here to learn more about our social Circumstantial issues, and in particular those highlighted above. 

Circumstantial Issues


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