Well-being & Preventative Health

According to NSW Health and the Australian Health Tracking service, the Northern Beaches community is generally healthy.  This has a lot to do with our healthy lifestyle, being close to our beautiful beaches.   However there are areas where serious gaps exist in our general well-being and preventive health measures:-

  1.      *   Alcohol and excessive drinking
  2.      *   Smoking
  3.      *   Obesity and overweight
  4.      *   Drug Addiction

All of the above are what is call “self-inflicted” social problems that are self-preventable, self-correctable and self-controllable.   Associated with all “self-inflicted” big hard social problem is an even bigger social challenge – the need to bring about a mindset shift in social attitudes and individual behaviours.  This is what makes their eradication so difficult.  Also these problems are at the root of our many affiliated physical health problems, such as heart, liver and lung disease, mental-illness and diabetes – the biggest of our social killers.  

According to the 6 May’17 Manly Daily article (by Cross and Matijevic), the worst of these afflictions across Northern Beaches is “Drinking”.   More than 1 in 5 of us consume more than two standard drinks a day (at higher levels than the national and state averages_  “Our danger suburbs are Bayview, Elanora Heights and Mona Vale, where 25% of those aged 15 and over indulge in alcohol too much.  The national average is 16%.   Avalon, Palm Beach Newport and Bilgola are our second biggest consumers of alcohol, while Manly ranks 3rd.”  

While Northern Beaches performed better in terms of child and adult obesity, diabetes and smoking, the local statistics highlighted that the other main problem areas were associated with being overweight, obese and there affiliation with our high level of diabetes. For example, 23% of our children aged 2 – 17 and 60% of the adult population (18 & above) are overweight.  The Australian national average is a staggering 63.5%.  

There is much content available within this website on our more serious self-inflicted social problems, including those of most concern across Northern Beaches (alcohol and obesity).   <YSH.com/)

The more important question to consider is “Where do our Community Members (who have these problems) go and who do they turn to?”  Given over 20% of our Northern Beaches population are inflicted with such serious health problems, there is insufficient health care support across our community to deal with this epidemic.  There is clearly a major gap in our current array of available health care facilities across the broader Manly Community.   Hence the reason why our Community places such a high priority on having a facility available to deal with this broad range of self-inflicted social problems.   Problems which, if not addressed early, increase an individual’s risk of having a stoke, heart attack or contacting cancer – our greatest killers.  There is clearly a major gap in our current array of available health care facilities across the broader Manly Community.   Hence the reason why one of the Manly Community preferences for our Manly Community Hospital site is to make facilities available to address these major health problems.   Then its all about becoming mindful of what we put into our mouths, maintaining a healthy life style and general fitness.

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