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Initiative Title: Vinnies Broken Bay Mobile Conference Van
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Currently St. Vinnies seek volunteers from across Northern Beaches and Broken Bay to support a new innovative Mobile Conference initiative; delivering gourmet food and hot drinks to Clients (our homeless, unemployed, disadvantaged, mentally-ill, elderly and poor) one evening a week.   We provide an empowering environment for our Clients, where volunteers can become their advocates in providing handup support to find them by way of accommodation, employment and other social care services, specific to their particular needs.

Contact Name: Darryl Dobe
Contact Email Address:
Start Date: 04-Mar-2016
End Date: 27-Nov-2016

Through the generosity of Northern Beaches (NB) Council grants and school donations, Vinnies operates a Mobile Conference van service; helping the poor, homeless, elderly and at-risk youth across NB and the wider Broken Bay. In the process of our partner One Meal providing gourmet food and hot drink to the needy, the way is open for Vinnies to assist our Clients through handups with their accommodation needs, fill their employment gaps, tend to their health needs (physical & mental),  etc. To achieve this, Vinnies seeks to engage volunteers from the general NB Community and Broken Bay Dio to participate in the distribution of these necessary hand-up services on arranged runs to various locations on various evenings of the week. The Mobile Van was launched on 5 February 2016 and operated by Vinnies staff, members and volunteers ever since. Around 20 additional volunteers are sought to deliver these services to our needy and disadvantaged at various identified locations across NB initially, starting around 4.30pm of an evening. Once established this service is envisaged to extend across the width and breadth of the Broken Bay, by which time many more additional volunteers will be needed from an array of communities, schools and parishes.


If this style of volunteer work appeals to you, Vinnies will train you in these good works.  Please sign-up as a Volunteer below and indicate your relevant background and the type of role you might be interested in:-

a)    Delivering hot drinks and beverages to our needy

b)    Engaging with the needy in identifying the cause of their current predicament and working with them in providing handup support and referrals designed to solve their current issues, problems and predicaments 

c)    Become an advocate for our Clients actively helping and supporting our needy grow in self-esteem, helping themselves to become more self-sufficient and less dependent upon charitable handouts.


If you are interested in participating in these roles, you are invited to Sign-up as a volunteer to join in this Vinnies Mobile Conference Initiative and to Register (for security purposes) as an authenticated user of this website. After doing so, you will be advised by the Vinnies Mobile Conference Administrator of your acceptance and provided a password to enable your logon and participation through this website.  For example to : “Submit a comment about this Item” you need to be both Registered as a website User and be authenticated as an Initiative Volunteer.


As each Mobile Conference Van run is complete, a record is kept of volunteer participation, roles performed and some statistics displayed on how well the run went. This information is made available by the Administrator via an email sent to all Volunteers on a regular basis. This record of your volunteer contribution is designed to serve as recognition for the “good work” you have contributed, to what is an authenticated community initiative. A record will also be kept of the services provided and referrals recommended, the number of our needy serviced and progress made in achieving our “good works” objectives. You are also encouraged to participate in blogging with fellow volunteers, possible including some of your Facebook friends. A twitter account is also under consideration.

In Manly, the Mobile Conference van  has partnered with One Meal on our regular Sunday evening run at Gilbert Park, Manly between 4.30-7pm.   Below is the current roster:-


Last Week

This Week

Next Week

Next Week


Sunday 20 Nov’16

Sunday 27 Nov’16

Sunday 4 Dec’16

Sunday 11 Dec’16


Darryl Dobe

Darryl Dobe

Darryl Dobe



Ruth Pittman

Ruth Pittman


Ruth Pittman




Charmaine de Toit

Jane Griffin

Charmaine de Toit

Jane Griffin




Tim Rowe


Tim Rowe







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