Retail Health Care Services

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Initiative Title: Retail Health Care Services
Category: Infrastructure Initiatives

In addition to the provision of affordable on-site permanent & temporary accommodation supported with innovative infrastructure, a collection of private/public health care related outlets are envisioned together with administration office space, training/presentation/meeting room facilities and other ancillary rooms for related community health care events and entertainment.  Most would exist along the ground levels and be outward facing for daily usage, easy access and promotion. These working hour retail outlets and evening events would not only complement the large mix of on-site residents (Aged Care, Disabled, Care Workers, etc.) but also serve as a hub to extend available health care services into the local community,  for running of the site and the promoting self-help initiatives – preventive health, well-being, early intervention, healthy exercise, home health care, home hospital, etc.

The types of private health care services envisaged might include:-

  • GP Practices and Specialist Doctors
  • Health Care Service Providers
  • Pharmacies
  • Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dental
  • Hair Dresser
  • Manicurist & Pedicurist
  • Audiologist
  • Chiropractor
  • Naturopathy
  • Mental Health Support
  • Dieticians
  • Health & Fitness
  • Transportation – Bikes, Trolleys, Walkers, Wheel Chairs
  • Restaurants & Cafes specialising in Health Foods
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Auditoriums for workshops and community meetings

Other Public, Not-for-Profit and Voluntary services are also envisaged

  • Charity & Refuge Outlets
  • Accommodation Administration
  • Government Housing/Centrelink/NDIS offices, etc.
  • Library (Specialising in Health Care)
  • Education & Research
  • Maintenance Services

The push for what the community needs has to come from both the private and public sectors.  By putting the community at the centre of their own “smart community” vision, decision and policy making, working in collaboration with all layers of government (Federal, NSW State and Local NB Council) and the private sector, all types of innovative infrastructure, inter-personal relationships and data sharing is made possible – creating new business opportunities and jobs.  A community hub locals can be proud of.   Aged care, Affordable Housing and Disability support (physical and mental) could become the powerhouse for a “smart community” hub.  With so much medical innovation being facilitated through the marriage of medicine and technology and through the mix of available infrastructure and people skills, the proposed McHCF site becomes an ideal test-bed for an enormous range of innovative thinking and outcomes. Getting ahead of the health care curve this way takes the pressure off our Hospital and Welfare systems. 

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Start Date: 08-May-2018
End Date: 22-Dec-2018
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