Queenscliff Site Re-Use Strategy

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Initiative Title: Queenscliff Site Re-Use Strategy
Category: Planning Initiatives

In 2015 NSW Health determined that when the Manly Hospital Site was closed that the Queenscliff Community Health Centre (located on the corner of Lakeside Crescent and Palm Avenue) would be also surplus to their requirements.   Like the Manly Hospital Site, this site would then be in-scope for re-use by the Community.   In March’18, after nearly 12 months of arguing the case for re-using this building for various forms of affordable housing, we were formally notified that the Queenscliff site would not be sold but made available to the community for affordable housing  

Most of the existing health care services delivered from the Queenscliff building:-

  • Early Childhood Health Care
  • Child & Youth Mental Health
  • Adult Mental Health
  • Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Health Information Services

would be transferred to the new Brookvale Health Centre, opposite the Warringah Mall.

All the related mental health services are in the process of being relocated to the new Brookvale Health Care Facility.    Our aim is to immediately assess the floor plan of the building as a consultation layout for suitability for generic style affordable housing.    The aim being to determine the minimal floor plan adjustments (like additional wet areas – toilet, bathroom & laundry facilities) to make the building suitable for the variety of permanent affordable rental accommodation.  On the ground floor we will be looking for its suitability for accommodating our young disabled, as a refuge and suitability for care workers. 

The current plan is for the Queenscliff Centre to be vacated in late October 2017 when most of the staff at the Centre relocate to the Brookvale Community Health Care facility.    It is unclear whether the vacated premises are then available for re-use or whether its availability remains part of the Manly Hospital closure.

Clarification is being sought from our local State Mbr.  James Griffin on the future use of the Queenscliff site after it closes in October 2017.   If it is to be retained in public hands, a further request has been made for its to be included in scope with the Manly Hospital site and considered for re-use as a Men’s & Women’s Refuge, especially to replaced the Fairlight Men’s Mission Australia refuge which is also scheduled for closure in October 2017.   It would appear to be ideally suited for such use.     

An overview of the land site (from Google) is shown below:

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Start Date: 12-Jun-2017
End Date: 21-Dec-2018
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