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Initiative Title: Management, Governance & Policy
Category: Infrastructure Initiatives

This is Work-in-Progress, awaiting a Volunteer to take upon the role of the Initiative Project Manager (PM) and/or Subject Matter Expert (SME) on this all important subject, when appropriate content on this Initiative can be provided here for sharing with our broader Manly community. 

In-line with the framework outlined for a proposed Funding Model, a similar Governance model has been drafted for role the Manly Community group might perform in the management, governance and policy direction of a Manly Community-driven Health Care Facility (McHCF).

While individual specialist organisations might manage and administer their own entity designated by the MCHCF Governance group to operating at the site, this governance group would also have over-arching responsibility for how synergies between entities should operate and cooperative together. The group would also oversight the manner in which these composite amalgamation of entities would extend their integrated health care services into and across the broader Manly & Northern Beaches community.  Legally the McHCF Governance group might operate as a non-for-profit trust or something along these lines oversighting how the self-funded and community funded entities were to be sustained.

As Ian Fargher, lecturer in corporate governance at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, puts it:-

“Corporate governance is the system that guides and controls an organisation.   It is conceived and devolved down from the board of directors who are responsible for establishing and maintaining an appropriate framework.   The framework should balance the interests of the organisation’s members, management and the many other stakeholders involved in the organisation’s activities.

Over the last 25 years, much has been written on what constitutes good corporate governance, which is best articulated in the ASX’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.    Across the world, recurring themes include a focus on transparency, ethical and responsible operations risk management, fair remuneration and managing the business with due care and diligence.”    AFR 21 June’17 

A recent technology-driven innovation in the governance and accountability domain has been an IT platform called “blockchain”.   As Jeff Schumacher of BCG Digital Ventures put it “Blockchain will end up being more disruptive than electricity”.  Well over S1.8 billion has already been invested into this technology globally and Australia has a leading position globally with various projects like ASX’s CHESS replacement.  But another exciting application to sit on the Blockchain platform is “Patientory”, a Health Care peer-to-peer EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Storage Network, along the lines of eHealth.

Patientory tokens (PTOY) is an existing fully automated governance system to administer Patients, Care Providers, Residents and community members while they interact collaboratively in the vertical integration of their various health care capabilities.  It puts privacy and security of personal and medical information in the hands of the individual.  Not only does this improve outcomes for Patients but it also improves governance administration, while reducing the costs and inefficiencies of health care operations and information security. 

Our proposed Manly Community-driven Health Care Facility (McHCF) could have much of the Community-driven aspects of governance driven this way by coding the governance rules, regulatory provisions and legal requirements into the blockchain.  More is written on this subject within the McHCF Infrastructure Initiative “Innovation and Technology”.

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Start Date: 20-Jun-2017
End Date: 21-Dec-2018
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