Framework for Life – Tier 3

Tier 3 – Soul-centred Self

In the third tier (Soul-centred Self) we begin to understand the soul, our unique soul or what some call “our psyche”. The soul is about self-perception, for one’s soul is the reflective space between a person and the events of meaningful experiences within a person’s life.   This tier becomes the doorway through which you must pass into the life you wish to live, with depth and passion.  A path which may have alluded you to date.   Here we begin to consider the third stage of evolution and the general purpose of human life itself plus your life in particular.   Here we begin to put into context the evolution of the three (3) great stages of emergence, since the “big bang”:-

  1. Physical Matter streams (atoms, molecules, chemicals)
  2. Physical Life Streams (plants, insects, reptiles, animals, mammals)
  3. Soul Streams (unique to human life; sentient beings able to experience the non-spatial dimensions of our psyche)  

The Tier 3 “soul” is the middle ground between body (Tiers 1 with our physical senses and Tier 2 with our physically unique brain) and spirit (Tier 4); that which connects you to your material world. This is where you face reality of the fully authentic-self.   The soul doesn’t exist in 3-dimensional space, its a non-spacial dimension (eg. love).  The big questions is “Can the soul survive or evolve into the spiritual, after life in our body has deceased?”.  Does the soul evolve past the physical world of science, when even science does not know what time is?  Time does not pass, rather the past accumulates information from the beginning of time to the present.   The past cannot be changed but in the present we have opportunity experience all the accumulated information from the past in shaping our future and how we want to live.   New possibilities become realised by building upon what has already been realised and in this way streams of increasing complexity evolve. Darwin and Wallace explored the physical evolution at the biological level, devising the laws of natural selection for survival & reproduction of the species.  But as Albert Einstein put it “The human brain is not capable of grasping the Universe”.   A collective of matter that has evolved for 16 billion years to its present state and available to the human brain to experience in the now together with its stages of emergence. For the soul is of the immaterial realm of human imagination, culture and psyche which only human beings can viably experience evolving.  The “object reality” of the physical world undermined our human “objective reality” based upon accumulated experiences of it.   Why, because “objective reality” is made of information (not objects).    Each of us can experience our own interpretation of object information, the sum total of which means you yourself are your unique life.   

The physical evolution of the human species surviving and reproducing successfully has produced pleasurable and painful experiences from which to learn (knowledge).   The on-going evolution of our soul manifests itself in our ability for compassion, altruism and self-sacrifice for the common good.  In more recent times of human evolution has enhanced its sense of purpose (from an accumulation of individual souls) by observing the acceptance of human values – impartial justice, individual freedom, racial harmony, gender equality, etc. getting smarter, kinder and deeper.   The penultimate goal being unconditional compassion – a deep love (of people, the environment and the Universe) even the ability to suffer because of bad things happening to those that we love).      

Your soul can be seen to have failed you when you choose to live in places of delusion, illusion or denial. Some say this is where Facebook has succeeded in being able to facilitate these illusion or delusions so successfully. Your Framework in the “Yourself Helper” (YSH) website aspires to be the mirror reverse of Facebook, where you present your authentic-self to yourself; your true perception of the life your inner soul wants you to be and live. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Facebook per sec, it’s just the current imbalances across society’s narcissistic and altruistic behaviours. There is much out there encouraging narcissistic behaviour but comparatively fewer channels for encouraging altruistic behaviour. The purpose of YSH is to enable you to correct these imbalances in your life.   If you seek to live a life of integrity and passions with depth and authenticity, this tier 3 is where your self-awakening begins.

The reflective self is your connection to experiences, between us all and what happens to us, including yourself.   Attention to this realisation makes reflection meaningful. For without such reflection we are simply being carried along by the flow of life and events of every-day living. Much like the example portrayed in the movie “The Words” where an author became famous from steeling someone else’s work.   Living a life of deception is like a rudderless ship at the mercy of the waves of life. Being mindful is that momentary pause in our life, where you listen to the voice of your soul. Listening to what you know to be true in your heart. We can flag it and come back to it if we choose.   In doing so we can continue to reflect upon these realisations from the soul. “Should I go to the races today, being mindful that I typically lose all my money in expectation that in the next race I will recover all my losses”.   “But I get such a buzz out of winning and I’m feeling a bit down right now but lucky”.

In Tier 3 we consider the mind’s “personal unconsciousness”, which identifies with the “shadow-self”.   Here we ponder that even within the less physical tiers (tiers 3 & 4) there exists further accumulated information and opportunities for self-identification that is invisible to us other than from from our soul.   So far almost all of our discussion has centred round the “awakening” conscious state. But there are two other identifiable states – Dreaming and Deep Sleep. Less than 10% of our dreaming experiences are remembered when we awake.   Whereas virtually nothing of our deep sleep can be recalled. It’s another one of life’s mysteries. It’s generally acknowledged that these experiences relate to the physical repair & restoration of our body and our mind’s information base including our soul’s consideration of the ideals we hold. What triggers these events in our life of sleep (one third of our life’s experiences) and the purposes they serve are unclear.   It’s the identification of the types of self-value arising from these sleep induced events, over which we have no apparent conscious control, which should be of significant interest to us?  The claim is that when we are awake and walking around our conscious mind is preoccupied with the physical events of the world .   Is it possible that it is a myth to believe that these (awake) experiences may not be the sum total of all available knowledge/information that is available to us?  For when we accumulate these awareness & awakenings experiences of our physical body, our psyche mind, soul & spirit, we must surely be in a better position to acclaimed “free will” and associated “freedom of choice’. The importance of devoting quality awake time to these various forms of deep reflection (eg. meditation, prayer, being alone with your thoughts) cannot be over emphasised.

Reflective identification of what has happened to you through your life (awake & asleep), be it bliss or trauma, remains an accumulation of information directed specifically at yourself.   This is a meaningful way of organising consciousness.   Experience is not simply what happens but how it registers on your body, in your emotions and how you process it in your mind. Freud makes the point of just how important it is to understand how really powerful the interpretation are that we give to these events truly are. Why two or more people can experience exactly the same event but have totally different responses to it in unique ways is well known. We often hear about the different experiences people have when a tragedy occurs, like being on a sinking ship. Everyone re-acts differently.   Some become totally obsessed with self-survival, at all costs.   Others become more attuned to saving others. Some just freeze and become immobilised, traumatised.   None of which are necessarily wrong.  But based upon who we are at the time of the event it is reflective of our “Shadow Self”, the state of our soul at that present time. It’s about reflection upon who we are and whether who we currently are, is who we truly want to be and continue to be.   In this Tier 3 we identify with these events in our life and obtain from the voice of our soul our personal response to these key events.  Is this how we want our life to continue or do we choose some other means to being the best we can be moving forward?

One inevitable encounter you are likely to have when reflecting upon real event experiences is that it will disowned part of self that you are unwilling to acknowledge and potentially change? Are you somehow ashamed of such events and choose not to make them ever surface. When are you to be ready to reflect upon these ghosts in your closets? You most likely identify with them as characteristics in other people that we find most annoying or upsetting. For example we may have a low regard for individuals who defraud Government Internal Revenue (IRD) in their annual tax returns. This annoyance becomes exaggerated because you have been doing this yourself for many years and your soul is uncomfortable about it and wants you to regain back this authenticity to your life. This is a real challenge for us all.   We either try to bury such matters or keep running up against them and their associated issues because of this constant denial and avoidance.   The darkness of these hidden secrets is the result of self being deprived of the light of consciousness.   Your soul has made you aware but you are not prepared to awaken your body to correct this so called “evil” or uncomfortableness or temptation because of the gains it produces in your life. Identification of these “shadows” in your life is a place of powerlessness.     If you are to move to higher levels of consciousness, work on these shadow experiences is essential. So becoming aware of the dividedness within you is a mark of you entering the realisation that “I am not always my true self”.

One of the most difficult things to do in modern life is to live in the present moment. “Seize the Moment!”. Our lives are consumed by a mixture of trying to predict what we have to do next and/or reliving what we have done. We forget the only thing that is real is the “now” in our life.   The past we cannot change.   The future is unknowable.  By living your life in the future, in anticipation of what is to come, we tend to miss the full enjoyment of an event when it arises because you have already experienced the event in your mind through the detailed planning of what you’ll be doing next.   How often do you hear of people going to endless detail planning for an upcoming holiday?   They create so much manufactured anticipation, that when the holiday finally occurs it cannot possibly live up to the enormous expectation they have created in their mind. Their detailed planning has not left them sufficiently open to the world of possibilities around them in the “now”. To compensate, in their “now” they commence planning for their next planned enjoyable moment, which again never seems to eventuate to the extent expected.   For many it is an incredible challenge to simply be mindful of the “now”.   When we live in the now, we find ourselves actually listening intently to our friends, to the people that surround us; savouring the food we eat; noticing both the beauty and the pain around us; and sometimes even being aware of the presence of something special around us.   Now we are listening to the soul within us. The soul that seeks the absolute best for us in the on-going constant “now” of our life.

One of the fundamental elements to Tier 3 is forgiveness; forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others. Research has shown that when one engages in “forgiveness” not only does the act impact positively on how we feel through the removal of negative thoughts and emotions (Tier 2), but it also “confers physical heart benefits” (Tier 1). It has been shown (in a case study of 300 ordinary people) that forgiveness promotes adequate coronary blood flow by decreasing ventricular work and central blood pressure.” (Psychophysiology Journal).   Yet another example of the upward impact of benefits arising from an inner most tier flowing upwards and outwards into our life on earth.   The counter can also be said to occur in the event of you choosing not to participate in forgiveness.

From Tier 3 we learn not to worry about what is to come but be attentive to the way we are living our lives in the “now”.  In the next tier 4, we discover the importance of being attentive to living in accordance with the will of the “Spirit”. For example, one might expect that the ideal of “forgiveness” might find its origin as the “will of the Spirit” – to forgive us if we seek it.  And when/if we do, typically we become amazed just how the other tiers seem to fall into place and become more meaningful than ever.

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