Framework for Life – Tier 2

Tier 2 – Physical Mind-centred Self

In the second tier (Physical Mind) you appear to be a physical organism which has an inner life – a psyche (with senses) and conscious (because you are a normal alive human being).   Using your physical mind you are able to be a conscious witness to both your psyche and physical experiences, the totality of your Physical experiences.   You are able to consciously experience your psyche, which includes a body experiencing the real world through your senses in the form of sensations. For example, “I enjoy watching sunsets because I can hear the birds chirping as they settle in for the night and the aroma of the alabaster trees”.   Here I am myself.   There is no room for competing identifications from the other tiers for this is totally synonymous with “my body”.

Your physical mind (tier 1) consists of two separate parts:-

  1. The Sub-conscious mind – constantly working in an automated fashion to keep your physical body operating in all situations. Within the sub-conscious mind is stored the “personal unconscious (which is discussed in tier 3).
  2. The Conscious mind – engenders an awareness of self, reasoning, solving problems and discriminate when faced with a decision

As stated earlier it is the incredible advances in our human brain that differentiates us from the other animals on Earth, especially our conscious mind, and why and how our brain operates is worthy of further analysis.

The sub-conscious mind works 2million times fast than the conscious mind as it has evolved from our ancient past, being required for the on-going survival of our species. The sub-conscious mind is very similar to that of other animals, in keeping our physical bodily functions operating and has changed little over time. While we sleep it is our sub-conscious mind that keeps all the parts of our body functioning normally without any apparent input from yourself.

In contrast, our conscious mind while being slower is far more powerful and flexible. In comparison to other animals, we have an exceptionally large conscious mind and is truly that aspect of our being that sets us apart from all other forms of life on Earth. This is what provides us with the competitive advantage over all other living animals, insects and plants.

Two different experiences arise from our conscious mind, coupled with what we have the greatest attachment to: –

  • The body as a source of self-pleasure (eg. sex, gambling)
  • The body as a source of self-pain (eg. childhood sexual abuse or parental gambling)

This second tier is not just about the physical body and its mind but the feelings that go with having this resource available to us. Trauma that is transferred and stored in the body is most often the reason people get stuck in this development stage. To get out of this quagmire usually requires moving to tier 2 where the enablers exist to transcend to a new self.   Human specialists in this tier are referred to as Psychologists and Psychiatrists.   Specialists of the mind giving explanations as to why people behave the way they do. While such specialists have significant experience with such matters in suggested potential reasons for “why do you behave this way” type questions, in the final analysis it is you who determine the answers you believe to be the authentic reasons.

In tier 2 (Physical Mind) we begin to consider the more unique aspects about how you feel or think about your life’s experiences and how you are now. This is where we truly come into our own.   For most of the physical gaps in our life are related to our mind.   How often do you hear that obesity is in the mind?   Failure to correct the mental aspects, prevent filling the physical gaps in our life. They are inextricably linked.   Applying new mental tools, your ability to understand and control the external physical world can enable you to take quantum leaps forward.   As understanding and control are the primary expression of the drive to master that which ego exposed, when the self is organised around the material world. This new self is dramatically different from any selves organised around the body. “I am now my ability to do all things that my mind makes possible”. I can live in the world of possibilities; unconstrained by physical constraints.   “I seek to play basketball, even though I’m very short.   Why, because it looks like a fun game that I would enjoy”.

“Mindfulness” has the ability to re-wire our sub-conscious brain and in doing so have a profound effect on one’s health and well-being. Manly famous people (Gordon Cairns, Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdock) and organisations (IBM, Google, Facebook, etc.) practice mindfulness; techniques rooted in ancient eastern spirituality, in particular Buddhism. In modern times, mindfulness is used as a means of dealing with stress and the pressure of every-day physical life. Such techniques are renowned for their success in unleashing higher performance, innovation and engagement. For instance, basketball stars (such as Kobe Bryant) use mindfulness to “get in the zone” to become better focused on the task at hand and be more constructive in how he behaved on the field. Here we see the clear connection between tier 2 (greater mindfulness) and its positive contribution to tier 1 in being better in our physical life (healthier, wealthier, wiser). It’s all in the mind.

You have now enter the unconstrained realm of the mind and free will and free choice.   Making a free choice in our physical reality (eg. I am obesity) in the Physical Body-self tier is something quite different in tier 2, because it asks questions like “Why am I obese? Am I happy being obese? So that in our physical life we can be more “mindful” of the answers to such questions and the respective choices we make. Why might think being obese is potentially a gap or a weakness in your life of experiences because it is so constraining in who you want to be right now?

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