Framework for Life – Tier 1

Tier 1 – Physical Body-centred Self

The story of evolution told by science begins with what physicists call the “initial singularity” or “big bang”, occurring some 13-16 billion years ago.   This is infinitely dense physical mass that expands to become our universe.   At moment zero all material, space, gravity and energy comes into existence and begins time.  The universe continues to expand even today but it’s hard for us (humans) to conceive of this, because the universe isn’t actually expanding within space, it is space that is expanding.   As recently as 2005 an Australian scientist Brian Schnidt attributed this accelerated expansion to the existence of “dark radiation” and the discovery of dark matter (25%) and dark energy (70%) that accounts for 95% of the universe, with physical matter being a mere 5%.   And it’s this dark energy that is causing our universe to expand rather contract and slow.   Physics may need to be completely rewritten when and if scientists are better able to understand this phenomenon.

When we talk of our Physical Body-centred Self, we are referring to a world of physical matter within our universe that has evolved since time zero.     The sum total of all that has occurred ever since is implicit in this moment, call now.   After the big bang, hydrogen (atoms, electrons & neutrons) only existed as matter.  But 10 seconds to 20 minutes later streams of matter began to evolve and expand to form elements such as helium and lithium. Time doesn’t pass, rather the past accumulates, and in doing so matter evolves.   Just as when the universe began to cool, gravity caused clusters of gaseous stars to form – the next stage in the evolutionary process of stellar nucleosynthesis (BBN).   As mature stars become more and more dense this caused Supernova explosions which gave off neutron stars and black holes; events which continue to take place today – another evolutionary process of stellar nucleosynthesis (SB).  Some 4.5 bill. years ago one galaxy of stars (the Milky Way) formed earth as another incredible evolution process for  the creation of  life – the penultimate physical evolution.

Life on earth evolved gradually from primitive plant life to creatures of the sea, to land animals and 8 million years ago our first mammals began to appear.   A mere 200,000 years ago homo-sapiens began roaming the earth, evolving 70,000 year ago into modern humans, like our own Aboriginals – an culture still evolving today.  So physical body-centred humans have only been around a relatively short time.  What enables the human species to continue this evolutionary journey of realising it full potential is our incredible brain.  Humans have evolved, from this last stage of emergence, into our subjective conscious discrimination of the world using our brain and tuning our senses to reason and make rational choices. For choice is the emergent form of the creativity that drives the whole evolutionary process forward.    Evolving from simple preconscious (animal like) forms of discrimination to incrementally more complex and conscious forms of discrimination.   But most of human experiences remain unconscious.  Herein lies our greatest opportunity for greater evolution embracing scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom.  And with advances in modern technology and scientific discovery, current short comings in our brains can now supplement and support innovative research that has never been possible before (information processing, cloud, artificial intelligence, satellite telescopes, DNA etc.).

We have all hear the expression “when a tree falls in a forest it makes no noise; unless some form of intelligent being hears and experiences the event”.   Yet humans can have two types of experiences of:-

  1. The 3 Dimensional material world we know through our senses and
  2. The non-spatial un-material dimension of psyche

In summary, the body and psyche are two key aspects of one essential human being, not only able to sense but also imagine, meditate, conceptualise, dream, rationalise and reverse entropy, etc.      

The world is awash with information pertaining to our physical body and its surroundings. It is not the intension of the F4L to repeating that all here. So we begin by simply identifying self from an accepted scientific-like perspective, starting with the first tier (Physical Body-centred Self):– our physical body consciously defined within our physical world as it is now.   This is the easiest way to understand and to first appreciate our attachment to our own unique body. The challenge is knowing what information is relevant to yourself, in the knowledge that what is to be captured is only ever going to be known to yourself. There is no one to impress, no one to shock, no one cares but you.   No point kidding yourself that you earn $150,000 per year simply because your friends have been led to believe that’s what you currently earn, when in fact its $75,000. It is your free choice and you have every right to inform others about self as you like (like on Facebook, eHarmony, Twitter, etc.). But your self-investment in the Yourself Helper F4L authentic-self is all about being at least true to self, a prerequisite to being free to live a happy, unencumbered, fulfilled life towards always being the best you can be right now .   Each time you struggle to tell yourself the truth about yourself, you are only deceiving yourself. Yourself Helper is already working for you in this realisation as it begins to identify potential gaps in your current life; current barnacles that are growing upon self, weighing you down in deceit, preventing you being the best you can be. Even to ask these days, “what is the (authentic) colour of your hair” can cause one to think for a moment.   Authentically it may be “grey” now but you’ve been “blonde” now for 20 years. How I choose to currently present my hair to the outside world is “blonde”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Both answers are authentic. They simply come from different perspectives. But the former is our authentic-self now. In taking a somewhat more controversial example, asking the question “What is your sex: – male, female or undetermined? How you currently present the answer to the outside world may be quite different to how you authentically know yourself now. Yourself Helper is only about you knowing your complete authentic-self, possible for the first time in your life.   The naked reality about who you really are.

It is our body that defines us physically and that which is connected to the matter in the real outside world, as experienced through our 7xsenses. The term “human nature” can be best understood as a summary name for the 140,000 genes we each inherited upon birth.   These inherent, mainly animal characteristics, drive us unconsciously to repeat behaviour that results in the many natural gaps between rich and poor, good health and poor health, being fashionable being out of fashion, etc. All inherited characteristics over which we have little control, or do we? Our animal inheritances may well be equally as strong as our metaphysical powers.   Are we all so hardwired that we have little real say in determining our life’s journey.   The pretext of our F4L is that we do have a say, if we take the trouble to gain that control.

You are best placed to assess who you really are. The Physical Body-centred Self tier mostly explains “Who” we are & “How” we are.   “I’m John Smith, a qualified accountant. I have a well-paying job, a home mortgage and a car and I’m in reasonable health.   I would like to find the right woman to marry and later raise a small family”. In this statement you can hear the authenticity beginning to coming through. “I didn’t know John was keen to get married?” might be the view held by your best friend because you have lead him or her to believe this to be so, sometime ago. But right now this is how you feel. This information can be quite personal and not something one might necessarily have share with others, at this point in time anyway. This tier gathers information particularly on how we view ourselves and possibly how we understand others view us.   For often we are not as we appear to others – by way of appearances. Most often, but not always, others close to us tend to have a far better and often kinder view of the way we physical appear than you appear to yourself. Following a 360 degree independent self-review by others, you may discover others can provide a rich source of information for better determining and knowing your true physical body self.   As always it is for you to determine who is and how is your authentic-self.

As stated before, the information gathered in tier 1 is mostly about explaining the Who and the How we are, rather than Why. “Yes I’m currently single and have a good job”. But the “why” you would like to be married and have a family possibly requires a deeper level of thinking if this is something worthy of further identification. Also why John is unhappy with his job and current career direction may also warrant further reflection as to why this is so, now. The answer to such vexing questions may best be served in tiers 2 and 3 when our life experiences are further identified in tier 2 as you begin to listen to your mind’s sub-conscious re-actions to your conscious reasoning.   Later in tier 3 the unconscious voice of the soul can be listened to for further clues on your shadow-self.

A simpler example of further identifications at tier 1 might be some of our physical attributes, situation and assets (like height, weight, waist, food intake, exercise regime, possessions, friends, relationships, etc.) as it relates to where these all sit relative to certain averages, like “between the flags” metrics.

How would you rate your relationship with your children – Excellent, Good, Average, Bad? Such input of information to our Life Information Repository could determine how and where we stand on an accepted obesity scale (BMI) and whether our alcohol intake is at a generally acceptable level. Why your relationship with your father isn’t as good as you would like it to be should be reserved for Tier 2. Some of these initial physical assessments could give rise to potential gaps in your physical behaviour that may warrant further investigation. Like your BMI suggests your over-weight.

In modern materialistic society unfortunately most ordinary people look outside themselves for happiness.   Purchasing a new car, getting a more up-to-date iPad, getting some new shoes, a new girlfriend, etc. in the belief that this will definitely made you happier.   Possibly, but traditionally these are only temporary and momentary occurrences of self-gratification soon leaving you back where you were before, still unhappy, still unhealthy, still looking for happiness and well-being.

The self-analysis factors as to “why” these physical gaps appear to exist are more likely covered in the second tier (Physical Mind-centred Self).

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