Glossary of Terms


Need Help Circumstantial Issues

Issues like:PovertyHomelessnessRefugeeUnemploymentAged CareDisabilityMental IllnessEnvironmental ...
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Need Help Portals

Charities like:VinniesSalvosLife LineAnglicareCommunity Services ...
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Need Help Roles Available

Self-HelpClient - Seeking Initiative participationClient - Seeking Volunteer supportClient - Seeking Referral (paid professional) ...
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Need Help Self-Inflicted Problems

Problems like:Obesity & Type2 DiabetesAddictions (Smoking, Drug, Gambling, Technology, Sex…)Environment (Air, Water, Soil Pollution)Energy ManagementInequalities (Gender, Cultural,…. )Corruption ...
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Need Help with Individual Needs

With your Own Individual needsFrom specific Volunteer Initiatives ...
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Volunteer for Circumstantial Issues

Issues like the: Poverty Homelessness Refugees Unemployment Aged Care Disability Mental illness Environmental ...
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Volunteer for Individual Needs

Needs like: Individual’s Needing help with general or specific issues from Volunteer(s) Volunteer’s requesting additional help from Volunteers with their own authenticated care initiative ...
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Volunteer for Self-Inflicted Problems

Problems like: Obesity & Type2 Diabetes Addictions (Smoking, Drugs, Gambling…) Environment (Air, Water, Soil Pollution) Energy Management Inequalities (Gender, Culture, Corruption ...
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Volunteer Portals

Charities like: NB Community Services Vinnies Salvos Anglicare ...
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Volunteer Role Types

Client Helper Subject Matter Expert (SME) Project Manager (Paid Professional) ...
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