List of Client Areas of Need


This page provides a list of all the Client Areas of Need.

If you need help, please contact the Administrator:

Circumstantial Areas of Need

Self Help Areas of Need

Name: Disability   Description: Disability

Name: Homeless   Description: Homeless

Name: Mental Illness   Description: Mental Illness

Name: Physical Illness   Description: Physical Illness

Name: Poverty   Description: Poverty

Name: Refugee   Description: Refugee

Name: Unemployed   Description: Unemployed

Name: Alcohol Addiction   Description: Alcohol Addiction

Name: Drug Addiction   Description: Drug Addiction

Name: Gambling Addiction   Description: Gambling Addiction

Name: Obesity   Description: Obesity

Name: Sex Addiction   Description: Sex Addiction

Name: Smoking Addiction   Description: Smoking Addiction

Name: Type 2 Diabetes   Description: Type 2 Diabetes

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