Our Precious Life – Awakening

Thank you for taking the time to study the information shared in the Our Precious Life – “Awareness” material, here are some questions for you to consider:

  1.  What range of emotions did you experience after reading the Our Precious Life “Awareness” material? – Amazement, surprise, anger, betrayal, relief, sadness, happiness, contentment, shock, confusion, intrigue, doubt, concern, etc.
  2. Where did these emotions spring from?
  3. What did each of these emotions teach you about yourself and your current journey through life?
  4. Did this brief reflection on your extended evolution in this journey of life stimulate any potential behavioural changes you might consider or any anything which you might be more mindful of in your everyday life?
  5. What are your views on some of the significant unknowns and conundrums in scientific discovery and the apparent suggestions that our universe may have evolved mysteriously with life on Earth in mind? 

Your “our Precious Life” Awakening Questions – across 4 x Tiers of the generic F4L.

After reading the “Our Precious Life – Awareness” material, you are invited now to consider other reflective questions on this subject.  Questions designed to stimulate any “Awakenings” that this read might have raised in your conscious mind.   The reading may already have prompted certain thoughts in regard to your own views on how life began and its relevance to how you should use this precious gift of life now.  The questioning that follows is structured across the 4 tiers of the generic Framework for Life (F4L) – Physical, Mental, Soul or the optional Spiritual tier (as summarised below).  However in journalising your responses to these and any other ones which comes to conscious mind, you will be creating your own unique F4L.

The first line of questioning naturally reflects upon the “physical” regarding both the physics and science associated with the formation of life on Earth; questioning to provide some sense of context to your being able to live a good life.  The key response is always meant to be how you (the authentic you) feel about any “awakening” right now. 

Tier 1 – Physical Body-centred Self

  1. As a member of the superior species on Earth, do you feel your prime responsibility is for your own well-being or does this include a responsibility for the world around you, including others, the environment and society generally? 
  2. After reflecting upon your answers, what is it that motivates you through life and is this motivation or lack of it important to you?  Are you more materialistic and narcissistic about how you care about yourself and the things around you or are you more altruistic in your overall behaviour today?
  3. Do you accept that science and physics can research into the working of your physical brain but not necessarily into what your mind thinks, stores and processes nor about the feelings you have about your own life, the life of others and life in general on Earth? 

Tier 2 – Physical Mind-centred Self

Your brain is moulded in response to life’s experiences, which leaves thought imprints in your mind.  Scientists call this the “neural plasticity” of the brain.  You will be aware already, the most common reasons ordinary people are not able to solve many persistent behavioural patterns that fail them, is because they are face problems of the mind not necessarily physical problems. The reason is simple – it’s because our subconscious mind is running the show and our conscious mind is not able to take control.  A mindset shift is require for your conscious mind to literally drive the re-programming of your subconscious mind with more useful behavioural strategies. This is why you often hear “I’m of two minds” about how to solve a problem. It’s a struggle if you want to change your behavioural strategies and the associated imprints in your subconscious that are not working.  By journalising your feelings, on certain subjects of concern or interest, during times of reflection you are able to readily assess how effective the reshaping your mind has been in making it fitter, healthier and more open to making big changes in your life through making better informed decision.

  1. How did Homo Erectus acquired such a unique and powerful brain with not only a subconscious mind but also a conscious and unconscious mind) during that “missing link” period when, unlike all other species of earth, human’s began to reason, rationalise, reverse entropy, etc.
  2. Why is it that over the same period our close relatives the apes and the chimpanzees living in an identical environment did not evolve their brain to be anywhere near the capabilities of humans nor ever likely to be?
  3. How do you to keep your precious brain fit and healthy, opening the mind to change and being able to correct any problems in your life?
  4. Do you suffer from any mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, loneliness, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc.) and, if so, are you undertaking effective treatments?
  5. Do you relate to the struggle that goes on between everyone’s subconscious and conscious minds   Do you feel you are the master of your subconscious mind?
  6. Can you identify situations in your life where you frequently re-act and feel differently to what you believed you should?   Describe the emotions you usually experience and is there an implied belief you have about yourself related to such situations?    

 Tier 3 – Soul-centred Self

This tier is primarily about identifying with your “Shadow-Self” – the self you are now and the gap between who you know you want to be. It also concerns your unconscious mind which contains programs that have strong negative emotional content associated with these concerns. Your soul is that reflective space between yourself now and who you really want to be; based upon meaningful experiences of your life.  Deep down inside there is a self-perception of the real you.  It’s the doorway through which you must pass into the life you wish to live, with depth and passion.  In this case the shadow-self is that person with many excuses for not being like that and having personal problems which persist.  In your heart and soul you know how your behaviour is not your authentic-self any may contribute to outcomes not in-line with your own principles.  Deep down there is the real you inside that wants to get out; another person simply wishing to live a good life.  Your unconscious mind contains programs that have strong negative emotional content associated with particular situations and events in your past life that typically keep being repeated.  These programs are triggered by situations that arise in your everyday now life.  Emotions regarding poor decisions, peer pressure and avoidance; none of which are currently controllable by your conscious mind.  Your heart and soul are “not in it”; they are not really a part of your authentic life.  You need to identify where and why you have failed to make the “right” decisions in your life and if failing to do so you continue to live in places of delusion, illusion or denial; situations you know they are causing you problems, be they bad habits or generally your lacking in wholeness.   Places and situations in your life where you know you really do not want to continue because they are contributing to you living your Shadow-self. Again it’s all in your mind and regaining control of your conscious mind reflecting your soul.

  1. Can you identify with situations in Your Precious Life where you know you are not behaving how you truly are? What triggers them?   What were you attracting to yourself at the time of those situations (eg. criticism)? How repetitive are these?  Which ones have you been attracting all your life?
  2. Do you tend to blame other parties for these situations rather than being fully accountable for all your actions? If so, why is this so?   What is the main emotion this reflection conjures up in your mind?

Tier 4 – Spirit-centred Self (Optional)

For those who believe in God, there are some very straight forward questions to reflect upon in your conversation with God regarding this precious gift of life you have been given.  You know God loves you just as you are and also loves you to be the best you can be in your life right now.   There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being just as you are.   But with a well-informed conscious mind reflecting upon the voice of your soul, the full ramifications of your current situation become clearer.  You can become fully empowered in your response – “I am …” from a self-reflective perspective and “We are …” from your social perspective.  Accepting that you attract these situations to yourself, you accept full responsibility for your current state (especially those self-inflicted problems) and for optimising the extent of self-help you are able conjure up in bringing about change in known bad habits that are causing either yourself, others or your environment unacceptable damage. Accepting that the experience of every trigger situation is an opportunity for you with God to freely heal yourself in the knowledge that this process is pleasing to God as well. None of us is perfect, but God.  Hence aspiring towards living a good (God-like) life is extremely important to you.

Very powerful social responses like – I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, can open the way for you to communicate to others the change in you and for them to identify with who as you really are and what we are as a society seek to live a good (healthy) life together.  Experiencing faith in yourself and God, hope in your future with God and love of your authentic self and of others in God, you become empowered to fully accept responsibility for who you are and who you choose to be with God as your guide.  

  1. Do you believe in God and, if so, what aspects of your awareness read particularly enforces this belief or makes you uncomfortable in your current beliefs and actions?
  2. What is it that has most convinces you there is a God?
  3. What is it that most questions your belief in God, remembering none of us is perfect?

Journalising Your Authentic-Self.

The above are a few generic questions provided for you to consider in reflecting upon who you really are when it comes to awakenings regarding Our Precious Life and any problems or discomforts arising across the tiers of your Framework for Life (F4L).   Please do not be constrained in your awakenings by containing yourself purely to your reflective responses to just the above questions.  Any other questions you might have of yourself and your associated responses should simply be categorised within one of the four F4L tiers. Be fully empowered to raise whatever awakenings occur as you reflect on the awareness material you have read and the experiences of your own life. Possibly you could share these questions with other YSH users?  Those problems you feel are at the heart of your own unique situation, your own problems in life.   This journal is your personal contribution to your own Framework for Life, for living a good life.

“Click” on the following PDF and you will receive a personal copy of this PDF in an email YSH Our Precious Life – Awakening PDF

Feel free to save this PDF and update it with your own personal responses.  Enjoy.

This is the final step in this 2xStep Process.  Please feel free to read more of the Background material on YSH (like “Our Problems in Life“) 

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