Refugee – Accountability

This final step is designed to explains how progress with our Broken Bay (BB) Northern Beaches (NB) Refugee programme is progressing and operating.   The “Administrator” of this initiative will keep you posted on a weekly basis of how things are generally progressing, what specific progress has been made over the past week, future plans and how things are tracking to plan.   The good news will be outcomes typically re-enforcing the current plan.  The not so good news might be further opportunities for innovation, reflection, possible lessons learnt and potential need to change our Action Plan (in Step 3).   All Volunteers are able to gauge how their respective areas of interest are going, how the Programme as a whole is tracking and are empowered to determine whether their own (Step 3) Action Plan needs some adjustment.   It may also indicate areas where you might participate in identifying where additional volunteer help might be required, etc.

It is all too early to be in a position to complete this step, until more information is forthcoming on how the Federal & NSW Governments are proposing to process and integrate their Syrian Refugee intake over the next 4 years and who will be issued grants.  Once this is made known other Circumstantial Issues (other than Refugees) may need to be implemented as well.

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