Circumstantial Issues

That great divide between the rich and the poor have created a class of ordinary people across western society with serious circumstantial issues.   Circumstantial, because the issue is not something they necessarily brought upon themselves but was thrust upon them and outside their control. Ordinary people are born into poverty, find themselves homeless because their parents have rejected them, disabled at birth, unemployed following a company merger, fall ill from an accident, develop mental illness following a life shattering event, simply grown old, etc.  Ordinary people with circumstantial issues such as our poor, elderly, homeless, unemployed, refugees, etc. are very dependent upon others for help if they are ever to get “a fair go” in life. The majority of society operates in the main without the constraint of circumstantial issues and need to lend a helping hand to those in these desperate circumstances. The question is what can we as members of a common society do to help our brothers and sisters and work for a transformation in our proud country Australia – a land of plenty, a land of more than enough for all comers.(rich and poor)?   

First, we can make sure we are aware of these circumstantial issues and better understand how to transform ourselves to be more compassionate and caring for the less fortunate and also how help transform the lives of our less fortunate.   This why most are heavily dependent upon government welfare and a significant drain on government expenditure.  The demand side of our welfare budget is outstripping our revenue budget, thereby worsening our growing budget deficit.  Yet these are all issues that our more advantaged people could help with if inclined to do so and a platform was available to do so. Take the example of our current global “Refugee” issue.   It arises as a result of an internal conflict or war; a war within which innocent people are caught up in – people and families just like ours.   Fleeing from their war torn country and destroyed homes leaves them no choice other than to become refugees through no fault of themselves.   The war itself is a totally separate problem from theirs, requiring an entirely different solution.   The situation refugees face is not just their problem now but has become a global social problem for which all must take some responsibility for solving.   Governments are already struggling to solve the crisis and naturally are seeking the more fortunate to help and care for our refugees until they can return to some state of normality.   This is in stark contrast to those “self-inflicted” social problems where self-help alone if available can usually solve them.  All circumstantial issues require help from others more fortunate, more capable and more able (as volunteers).

By reading the empowerment information below you will be in a better position to identify with one of the three differing perspectives as it relates to your own life right now –

  1. Seeking Self-Help for yourself to optimise the extent to which you can help yourself with this issue
  2. Needing Help from others to support you with a particular issue that you are currently struggling with
  3. Volunteering to help others with this circumstantial issue either simply because you have eithet mastered it in your own life or you are already been empowered, able and willing to help others struggling with this issue   

The Circumstantial Issues proposed to be addressed by this website (YSH) includes our:-

  • Poor
  • Homeless 
  • Unemployed
  • Sick
  • Elderly – Aged Care Funding
  • Refugees – Intake from Syria 
  • Disabled
  • Mental Health
  • Social Injustice – victims

Of these many circumstantial Issues, at the moment the only three catered for in this website (YSH) are our:-

  • Homeless

Click here to read more about our “Homeless” , “Homelessness” and “Affordable Housing” to consider how you might be able to help and/or be helped: 

Homelessness – Affordable Housing

  • Unemployed

Click here to read more about obtaining help for our “Unemployed” and consider how you might be able to help and/or be helped: 


  • Elderly – Aged Care Funding 

Click here to read more about our social “Aged Care” issue and consider how you might be able to help and/or be helped: 

Elderly – Aged Care Funding

  • Refugee in-take 

Click here to read more about our social Refugee (Asylum Seeker) issue and consider how you might be able to help and/or be helped: 


  • Mental Health

Click here to read more about our Mental Health issue and consider how you might be able to help yourself and/or be helped: 

Mental Health

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